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  • Mars Candy makes Maltesers…a honeycomb malt ball covered in milk chocolate! YUM!

    Three Ingredient Maltesers Fudge!

    Why not combine these malty, chocolate treats with FUDGE? That’s what Lauren from Create Bake Make did.  We’re on board.  In addition to the rich, chocolatey fudge bite, you also get an airy, light and crispy taste with this awesome sweet treat.  Adding delicious ingredients to an already delicious sweet treat can only be a smart move in the kitchen.

    photo: Create Bake Make
    photo: Create Bake Make

    This is really an EASY fudge recipe.  You’ll be surprised that all you need to do is some mixing and let it be. If you’ve ever thought that making fudge was too much work, then give this recipe a try to change your mind.  Of course, there are some fudge recipes out there with more detailed steps and how to’s.  If you’re not into that, then be assured that a short recipe like this one will do it.  Milk chocolate is suggested for this fudge recipe vs dark chocolate.  Lauren tried both milk and dark and preferred the milk chocolate.  You certainly could try both or even try a white chocolate. Just grab your preferences of chocolate to make these goodies. We think, kind of like cookies, most chocolates taste great…but stick with your fave to start.


    • 500g pack of Maltesers
    • 400g of milk chocolate, broken into squares
    • 395g of condensed milk (1 can)

    Make It:

    1. Line your square cake pan (20 cm/ 8 x 8 inch) with parchment paper, brought up past the sides of the pan and hanging over the edges (this helps to remove the fudge when ready to slice).
    2. Set aside 1/2 cup of Maltesers.
    3. In medium saucepan, low heat, pour condensed milk and add milk chocolate squares.  Stir regularly, until chocolate has melted and ingredients have combined, about 5 minutes.
    4. Remove from heat, add rest of Maltesers and quickly stir (carefully).  Sprinkle on top, the Maltesers that were set aside.
    5. Pour fudge mixture into your prepared pan with the parchment paper.  Place in refrigerator for at least 6 hours to set. For best results, let fudge set in fridge overnight.
    6. After set, cut fudge into small pieces. YUM!

    Maltesers candy was first sold in the UK, but it’s also widely enjoyed here in the US.  You can find Maltesers at Walmart and at World Market (any European markets).  Another chocolatey malt ball candy that you can try is Whoppers by Hershey’s Chocolate.  There’s usually a discussion among which is better…Maltesers vs Whoppers? Why not try them both? We think that you’ll enjoy that taste test! YUM!

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