Two Unlikely Ingredients for your Grilled Cheese Sammie!

  • Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

    (with Bacon)

    photo: closet cooking
    photo: closet cooking

    This sammie looks so good! This tasty grilled cheese recipe is from Closet Cooking.  We can easily see that combining apples, cheddar cheese and bacon is an awesome and delicious idea! Lots of us love snacking on fruit and cheese. Think of cheese fondue with apple slices…YUM! This grilled cheese reminds us of that. So, this is a fun sandwich to try. What’s also nice is that this recipe gives us a “good idea” option for preparing the apples. If you prefer your apples to be tender and thus stay in the sandwich better, then saute the apples before adding them to the sandwich (use a little bit of oil or the bacon grease and saute until tender, about 1-2 minutes per side). These tender apples will still taste great and may make this sandwich easier to eat, without apple slices popping out. Either method will still be easy and tasty. Another option is to serve this sandwich with EXTRA caramel sauce for dipping along with a few apple slices. Great!


    • 2 bread slices
    • cheddar cheese, 2 slices or 1/2 cup shredded
    • apple, half
    • bacon, 2 strips cut into 1 inch pieces
    • caramel sauce, 1 Tbsp.
    • butter

    Make it:

    1. Heat skillet to medium. Butter outside slices of bread and place in skillet, butter side down.
    2. Add half of cheddar cheese slices.
    3. Layer the apple slices.
    4. Pour the caramel sauce.
    5. Layer the bacon.
    6. Add remaining cheese.
    7. Top with the other slice of bread and cook until golden brown on both sides and cheese melted, about 2-4 minutes per side.

    We would probably try this sammie both ways, with sliced apples and cooked slices apples. We like that fresh bite of apple in our gooey, cheesy sandwich. We also love cooked apples. That’s a whole different flavor profile.  How about cooking your apples in butter and cinnamon? That would be a hit and bring out a bold flavor to this apple and cheese grilled sammie. We’re looking forward to trying that. YUM!

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